Add Variety to Your Breakfast Sandwiches

Are your breakfast sandwiches what your customers want? We can help.


25% of Canadians are purchasing breakfast sandwiches least once a week, and another one-third purchasing one every two to four weeks.* Bolstering those statistics, and providing opportunity outside of typical breakfast hours, is a cultural shift in dining habits. As more Canadians look for dining options outside of traditional mealtime hours, portable, handheld and all-day breakfast items gain favour.

Add Variety to Your Breakfast Sandwich

Whether you're adding items to your breakfast menu or looking to expand your offerings for anytime fare, breakfast sandwiches offer a happy solution. The possibilities are endless. What breakfast sandwich builds resonate with your customers? Variety, it seems, is the spice of life. Take a look:

Favourite Breakfast Sandwich Components*
  • Bagels (53%)
  • English muffins (43%)
  • Croissants (33%), particularly with younger Canadians (18–34)
  • Whole-wheat/whole-grain bread (32%)
  • Multi-grain bread (28%)
  • Tortilla/wrap (21%), particularly with younger Canadians (18–34)
  • Omelette (60%)
  • Scrambled eggs (almost 60%)
  • Fried egg (50%)
  • Bacon (54%)
  • Canadian bacon (51%)
  • Ham (51%)
  • Cheddar (75%)
  • Cream cheese (40%)
  • Mozzarella (40%)
  • Swiss (40%)
suaces & condiments:
  • Mayonnaise (almost 50%)
  • Butter (almost 50%)
  • Hollandaise (almost 40%)
  • Jelly (almost 40%)
  • Ketchup (30%)
Barry Miles
Better-for-You Breakfast Sandwiches

52% of Canadian consumers say they are more likely to go to a restaurant with healthier options—even if they don't order a healthy option.

"Add a mix of wholesome choices to custom builds—whole-wheat bread carriers, egg whites, turkey bacon, grilled chicken and lots of vegetable choices," says Barry Miles, senior corporate chef, Kraft Foodservice.

1* Source: Sandwich Consumer Trend Report (Canada), 2012, by Technomic.