Canadians Crave Burgers

But are they craving yours? We can help.


What's the right burger for your customers? The diner who longs for the original build will always be out there, but many diners now yearn for a premium or specialty burger. And whatever the build looks like, consumers are enjoying a lot of burgers! Indeed, half of them eat burgers weekly, including nearly one quarter who eat burgers twice a week or more often.¹ And with consumers embracing the all-day snacking trend, nearly one fifth of consumers are eating burgers as their afternoon or late-night snacks at least once per month.²

what customers want in a premium burger

Consider tweaking your burger into a premium offering—consumers are willing to pay more for a premium or specialty burger¹.

  • High-quality cuts of meat
  • High-quality types of meat
  • High-quality vegetable toppings
  • Artisan/specialty cheeses
  • Large quantity of toppings
  • Artisan/specialty breads
binoculars menu sighting

A burger topped with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? It's a top seller at The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, a 20-plus unit better-burger chain in Ontario who says its success is due in part to a huge, eclectic list of toppings. Read more about The Works here.

Whether you go with a classic or give it a spin, your burger has to stand out. The chefs at Kraft Foodservice have developed knockout burgers, hitting sustaining trends and keeping that fan-favourite burger experience front and centre.

Consumers, especially younger ones, show a growing interesting in Cajun, Southwest, Asian, Greek, Hawaiian and Indian flavor profiles.¹

Overall, 25% of consumers say themed burgers are highly appealing.¹

One quarter of consumers report a strong interest in eating or trying exotic burgers that feature different proteins.¹

Top it Off… With Cheese!

Cheese not only introduces great mouthfeel and flavor but also brings a premium element to burgers, which may increase perceived value with customers.

"Choose from a wide variety of Kraft cheese slices, from processed to natural to our specialty cheeses," says Trevor Williams, corporate chef, Kraft Foodservice.

Top Burger Cheeses(1)
  • Cheddar
  • Mozzarella
  • Swiss
  • White Cheddar
  • Monterey Jack
  • Havarti
  • American/Processed
ESTABLISHED, 1903 - The Limitless Power of Cheese

Top side items overall are french fries (76%), onion rings (56%), side salads (38%), coleslaw (33%), poutine (33%) and baked potatoes (31%). Not surprisingly, more women than men prefer healthier side items, like salads and vegetables, so consider offering a few healthier options.

One quick and wonderful pathway to a signature burger is through the spread. Not surprisingly, mustard and ketchup rule the roost, but mayonnaise, relish and BBQ sauce follow closely behind. Opportunity for differentiation may come in flavoured mayonnaises. Indeed, 34% of consumers say they would order them. Kraft can help.

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