Better-for-You Choices with Kraft Dressings

Are you meeting the demand for healthier options? We can help.


95% of Canadians are looking to eat healthier and 52% say they are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers healthier menu options.* But we know they won't sacrifice flavour. Gain a competitive advantage by delivering better-for-you dishes while satisfying customers with a flavourful, memorable experience.

Also, consider this: 67% of Canadians like the idea of nutritional menu labelling.* This is a hot topic in our industry. Some provinces are electing to join the Informed Dining Initiative, a voluntary nutritional information program. Other provinces will be legislating menu labelling. Either way, the result is increased transparency, which will lead to a consumer expectation of transparency. Kraft can help.

At Kraft, we won't compromise flavour, but we do know that better-for-you options are important. We continue to invest in our dressings portfolio. We are gradually reducing sodium in our Kraft Dressings.

Kraft Dressings

December 2013

GTIN Kraft Dressing Change per Serving
681004427600 Kraft Rancher's Choice 120 mg to 115 mg
681004423700 Kraft Golden Italian 160 mg to 135 mg
681004423600 Kraft Zesty Italian 150 mg to 130 mg
681004440800 Kraft Balsamic 150 mg to 120 mg
681004434400 Kraft Sundried Tomato & Oregano 170 mg to 135 mg
681004438100 Kraft Sweet Onion 180 mg to 140 mg
681004423500 Kraft French 130 mg to 115 mg
681004440900 Kraft Greek Feta & Oregano 160 mg to 135 mg
681004424200 Kraft Calorie-Wise Ranch 170 mg to 140 mg
681004419900 Kraft Calorie-Wise Zesty Italian 190 mg to 170 mg
681004423200 Kraft Calorie-Wise French 160 mg to 125 mg
681004406800 Kraft Fat Free Italian 240 mg to 180 mg
681004457700 Kraft Miracle Whip Spread 120 mg to 110 mg
culinary tips
  • Replace sodium-heavy marinades with Kraft Golden Italian Dressing or Kraft Balsamic Dressing
  • Spice up Kraft Rancher's Choice—now with reduced sodium—with fresh jalapeño and lime juice

Kira Smith, Corporate Chef, Kraft Foodservice


Serve Kraft Dressings, knowing that you're providing consistent, high-quality products while meeting your customers' needs.

bright ideas

Instead of using salt to enhance flavour, add fresh herbs, bold spices or a squeeze of citrus juice.

Reduce sodium the easy way! Find Healthy Living recipes with nutritionals posted for you.

Kate Slater

R.D., Senior Manager of Nutrition and Health Communications, Kraft Foods

  1. * 2013 Ipsos-Reid Heath & Wellness AFH