Signature Spreads

Mix it up for a better customer experience


Breakfast continues to offer tremendous opportunity, moving beyond traditional hours into both all-day breakfast and snacking occasions. Time-starved Canadians generally seek convenience, speed and portability here. But they also want a memorable flavour experience. Kraft Single-Serve Table Spreads give you much-needed versatility. And they give your customers much-loved variety.

See our charts below for flavour inspiration at breakfast time, snack time and any time. The first chart offers match-up ideas for your self-serve customers. The second chart gives your back-of-house staff ways to offer signature spreads without taxing the line.

Signature Spreads

“Offering affordable and convenient yet high-quality breakfast options will be key in vying for consumers’ breakfast patronage during hurried weekday occasions.”

-Technomic, The Canadian Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, 2013


SINGLE-SERVE SPREADS: Satisfy Their Craving

Easy to open, fun to combine

What are you offering your on-the-go customers who are looking for something to top their breakfast starches? Let your customers customize—you might be surprised how they like to mix it up. Use this chart to visualize the flavour possibilities.

Kraft Peanut Butter

Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Product

Cheez Whiz Cheese Spread

Kraft Churned Honey

BREAKFAST ITEMS most frequently spotted at limited-service chains




TOP BREAKFAST menu sightings at full-service chains



French Toast

Source: Technomic, MenuMonitor; Jul-Sep 2013


Whether for brunch bagel and waffle bars or sit-down breakfast experiences during the week, these easy-to-prep signature spreads are original, delicious and memorable.

  • Caramel-Apple Cream Cheese Spread Philly + brown sugar + chopped peanuts + applesauce

  • Carrot Cake Spread Philly + honey + shredded carrot

  • Honey-Pecan Spread Philly + toasted and chopped pecans + honey

  • Lemon-Mint Spread Philly + fresh mint + lemon juice + lemon zest

  • *Manufactured in Canada from Domestic and/or imported ingredients.
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