Pair Specialty Hot
Beverages with Desserts

With an easy and versatile system, Tassimo Professional can help you build a memorable dessert-pairing menu. Diners today look for that next level in experience. You can give it to them with one touch of a button, delivering a delicious cup of coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate. And with our handy chart, you can make savvy recommendations on dessert pairings—and perhaps increase the end-of-meal transaction.

Enhance your dessert program with specialty hot beverage pairings

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Chocolate brownie sundae; chocolate cheesecake; German chocolate cake; chocolate molten cake; triple-layer fudge cake
Cappuccino; Espresso; Latte; Mocha Deep, rich tones of espresso drinks match well with the rich, lush flavours found in chocolate desserts
Almond cake; carrot cake; lemon cake; Italian cream cake; spice cake
Americano; Earl Grey Tea; French Vanilla Coffee; Swiss Hazelnut Coffee Match spiced or citrus cakes with Earl Grey; other cakes go well with mellow coffee flavours
Cheesecake; cream pie; crème brûlée; flan; pumpkin pie; tiramisù
Cappuccino; Espresso; Latte; Mocha Complex, full profile of espresso drinks is a perfect counterpart to unctuous, creamy desserts
Apple pie; berry yogurt parfait; blueberry pie; mixed-berry crumble; peach pie; strawberry shortcake; wild-berry tart
Americano; Cappuccino; Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea Teas are a perfect match with fruit; frothy cappuccinos and mild Americanos also play well here
Lemon; mango; melon; orange; peach; raspberry
French Vanilla Coffee; Green Tea; Swiss Hazelnut Coffee Sorbets cleanse the palate, so match with light roast coffees and teas
All flavours, such as vanilla, dulce de leche and mocha; ice cream pies; ice cream sundaes
Cappuccino; Espresso; Latte Bold, rich tones of espresso-based drinks go well with the sweet silkiness of ice creams
Assorted cheeses, such as blue cheese, brie, cheddar and goat cheese
English Breakfast or Green Tea Grassy notes in milder cheeses go well with green tea; the tannins in black tea match stronger cheeses beautifully