Mucho More Than Just Nachos

Add Kraft’s New Habanero Heat Sliced and Shredded Cheese to your menu. We’ve got recipes that are sure to attract those diners looking for dishes with an ethnic flare and some serious spice. New and innovative flavours are an increasingly powerful way to build patron loyalty. Kraft Habanero Heat Sliced and Shredded Cheese deliver the “Bold Heat” consumers crave.

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90% of Canadians
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NEW! Kraft Habanero Heat

Pack size: 2 x 1kg

Type: Shreds

Product code: 00068100895015

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Pack size: 12 x 400g

Type: Slices

Product code: 00068100895025

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Bring The Heat

More than half of today's consumers
say they like spicy flavours.1

73% of Canadians would return to a
restaurant if they liked a new flavour and
order the item again.1

Spicy is the 2nd most appealing flavor
to consumers.1

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Canadians like spice so why not add it to your menu today? Check out the recipes below, they are sure to be a hit!

1 Technomic Canadian Consumer Flavour Trends, 2013
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