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Salad Builds

Salads are an opportunity to get creative while still offering diners wholesome choices. Discover how some easy additions to an existing menu offering can help build a fresh new taste. Try these +1 and +2 options using our versatile Kraft Dressings and help improve your bottom line.



Application Ingredients Mix-Ins Notes
Salsa Ranch Rancher's Choice
Mild Salsa
Mexican salad consisting of iceberg and romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, olives, onions and black beans. Creamy dressing can also be used as a dip for nachos, jalapenos poppers, etc.
Summer Berry Balsamic Balsamic Vinaigrette
Puréed blueberries and strawberries
Light mixed greens such as mesclun mix or spinach salad. Top with fresh fruits and nuts. Balsamic is still very big as is Mediterranean influenced food. Fruit adds a sweetness and complexity to the dressing.
Citrus Caesar Gourmet Caesar Dressings
Fresh lemon and lime juice
Traditional Caesar Salad Pasta or potato salad. Citrus cuts the richness of the dressing and adds a tart element.
Indian Raita Dressing Creamy Cucumber
Curry powder
Chicken salad
Hearty greens with fresh fruit
Chicken marinade.
Indian flavour is on trend. Creamy dressing has a cooling effect with spicy
Spicy Coleslaw Coleslaw Dressing
Cabbage slaw with mixed nuts and dried fruit. Spice gives a twist to the traditional coleslaw dressing.
BBQ Ranch Rancher's Choice
Bull's Eye Original Bold BBQ Sauce
Hearty green salad with grilled chicken or salmon
Pasta salad.
Bold variation on traditional ranch dressing.
Balsamic Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette
Puréed fresh or dried figs
Light mixed greens or spinach with fresh cheese such as Brie, goat cheese or Gorgonzola. Fig flavour is on trend, but still unique. Adds a sweetness to flavour profile.
Basil Italiano Zesty Italian Dressing or Kraft Italian Salad Dressing
Prepared or fresh basil
Grilled vegetable salad
Bean salad
Hearty greens
Basil adds a fresh element to dressing.
Grainy Honey Mustard Honey Mustard
Grainy mustard
Hearty greens
Radicchio, endive
Marinade for chicken or pork.
Grainy mustard bumps up the savory element of dressing. Add a unique texture.
Olive and Sun Dried Tomato Sundried Tomato and Oregano Dressing
Olive tapenade
Grilled vegetables
Pasta salad
Mediterranean salad.
Olive tapenade gives the dressing a richness.


Application Ingredients Mix-Ins Notes
Maple Dijon Balsamic Balsamic Vinaigrette
Pure maple syrup
Dijon mustard
Hearty greens.
Pasta salad with grilled vegetables.
Maple flavour is on trend. Dijon gives the dressing a creamy appearance with less fat.
Orange Poppy Seed Poppy Seed Dressing
Orange juice
Orange zest
Duplicate greens.
Fruit salads
Couscous or grain salads.
Sweet orange adds another flavour element. Sweet and savory flavour combos are on trend.
Tangy Ginger Dressing Catalina
Fresh grated ginger
Soya Sauce
Hearty mixed greens
Noodle salad
Cabbage slaw.
An Asian twist on a traditional dressing flavour.
Maple Honey Mustard Honey Mustard
Maple Syrup
White Vinegar
Hearty greens with grilled chicken or salmon.
Marinade for salmon or chicken.
Maple flavour on trend. Added vinegar will smooth out the sweetness of the maple.
Creamy Scallion Dressing Oriental Sesame Dressing
Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise

Lime juice
Green onions
Noodle salad
Hearty greens
Marinade for chicken
Dip for honey garlic wings or fresh salad rolls.
Asian flavours are on trend.
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