Offer Exceptional Meatless Options to Please Your Customers

Create must-have burger builds with BOCA Essentials, made with authentic ingredients that offer strong "real food" credentials. New BOCA Essentials offer powerful menu appeal with flavorful patties crafted with on-trend ingredients.

BOCA Essentials Patties

Cooking BOCA patties from frozen is the recommended method. It helps with sanitation and reduces waste. Always cook BOCA patties to the proper internal temperature of 71°C/160°F. Do not allow product to thaw before cooking and do not eat before cooking.

  • Easy to incorporate

    Add flexibility to your menu of existing burger builds by offering meatless substitutes

  • Easy to prepare from frozen

    Precooked BOCA Patties won’t shrink during cooking

  • Similar cook times to beef patties

    That means no change to your operation

Flame Grilling & Flat Top

Make sure surface is hot and well-oiled so that the BOCA patties won't stick.

For 113g (4oz) patties, cook for approximately 4.5 minutes per side or until cooked through (71°C/160°F), turn occasionally.


Heat oiled skillet over medium heat.

For 113g (4oz) patties, sauté for approximately 3 minutes per side or until cooked through (71°C/160°F), turning occasionally.