Maximize Your Menu Potential

Use these simple and effective tips to help increase your sales.

The quality, variety and presentation of the food you serve is important – but so is how you market your offerings to your patrons. That's where your menu comes in. To help you maximize your menu potential, we've put together the following tips:

Item placement & promotions

Did you know that the decisions you make on your menu can make a difference between profit and loss? Steer customers towards purchasing items that are the highest profit for you. If you use a single-page menu, place your high-profit margin selections in the center. If you use a two-page menu, then you'll want to position your high-profit margin items in the center on the second page.

Offer customization options (price & taste)

Offer a lower price option on higher price items. Sell the same salad without protein for one price and with protein for another. Add choices within items such as "Real Cheddar", "Swiss Cheese", with "Grilled Chicken" $xx or "Grilled Tiger Shrimp" $xx. It's an easy way to bump up your profit margin and provide customers with more choice.

Encourage the palate, not the pocketbook

A common mistake is to place the prices in a column down the right side. It's better to start with a description of the menu item and consider a slightly smaller, but still clearly visible font for the price.

Keep your menu market fresh

New and trendy ingredients can intrigue customers to try something different or extra. Consider offering new items as appetizers so customers can sample and share them.

Simple is better:

  • Don’t overwhelm customers by offering them too many choices.
  • Guide them through your menu.
  • Lengthy menus slow table turnover.
  • Include catchy headings like “Sandwich Sensations” and “Get Your Greens.”
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