12 Season-Perfect Cheesecakes

Menu cheesecakes that highlight the fruits and flavours of the season

In this crowded dessert landscape, keying in on current dessert trends is more important than ever. Cheesecake offers a deliciously safe bet—it falls among the top 10 dessert favourites.1 Its long-standing popularity is secured by its creamy, rich profile. The challenge is making your cheesecake more memorable than the one down the street. Offering seasonal cues on your dessert menu is a smart menu strategy.
There’s clearly opportunity:

make your cheesecakes hard to resist


of consumers eat dessert at least once a week.2


of desserts are purchased on impulse.3

A Cheesecake for All Seasons

Cheesecakes offer a perfect canvas for seasonal touches—from eggnog cheesecake during the holidays to strawberry sauce in the spring.

Seasonal dessert specials

are of particular interest to more than half of consumers.4
Specialty cheesecakes are among the TOP 5 “most added” dishes.5
Top 5 cheesecake flavours among independents and chains6
  • Chocolate
  • New York
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel
  • Raspberry

Our chefs at Kraft Heinz Foodservice are cheesecake experts, having developed hundreds of cheesecake recipes over the years. Their secret weapon, of course, Philadelphia Cream Cheese. High-quality, creamy and consistent, it’s the number-one consumer cream cheese brand.7

Valentine’s Day



Holiday season

Customize Your Cheesecake

Start with a classic, creamy cheesecake—starring Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Change it up with our Richardson lineup of sweet sauces—perfect for drizzles and swirls, giving your cheesecake a seasonal twist without changing up the SKU.

Valentine’s Day and Everyday

Richardson Connoisseur Choc O RICH Syrupglossy dark-brown, thick-flowing topping with a distinctive dark cocoa flavour

Richardson Decorator Dark Fudgeglossy dark-brown, flowing fudge with a distinctive semi-sweet chocolate flavour


Richardson Connoisseur Strawberry Toppingbright red, flowing topping with large strawberry pieces and a ripe strawberry flavour

Richardson Connoisseur Blueberry Toppingdeep purple-blue, flowing topping with blueberry pieces with fresh blueberry flavour


Richardson Butterscotch Toppingglossy golden-brown, flowing topping with rich buttery flavour

Richardson Caramel Toppingglossy golden-brown, flowing topping with sweet caramelized sugar and milk flavour

Easy Garnish Ideas that Signal the Season

  • Spring

  • fresh strawberries
  • stewed rhubarb
  • citrus jam
  • Summer

  • caramel corn
  • honey
  • candied key lime
  • Fall/Winter

  • candy corn
  • pumpkin spice
  • candied citrus
  • Holidays

  • gingerbread people
  • peppermint sticks
  • candied nuts

How to Prevent Cracking

  • Bring ingredients to room temperature.
  • Add eggs one at a time to the cream cheese batter; beat 15 seconds before adding the next one. Don’t over-mix.
  • Keep oven moist by adding a hotel pan filled with water.
  • Don’t open the oven door while baking.
  • Cool cheesecake for at least 4 hours before serving.
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