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Get a fresh take on your customers' favourite salads


Diners expect to see classic salads on the menu. The challenge lies in making yours memorable enough to spark return visits. The chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre tackled classic salads, giving them star treatment with just a hint of makeover for maximum impact. "Some of those iconic salads—with many of them dating back to the fifties and even earlier—tend to be a bit dated," says Trevor Williams, corporate sous chef, Kraft Foodservice. "We kept the salad profiles intact, but refined a few of the flavours and textures." The resulting recipes provide the ultimate standard-bearers for the classic salads your customers love.

So, what are the most popular salads? To ensure that we give you what your customers look for, the Kraft chefs based this recipe development on the "2013 Top Salad Formats on Canadian Menus" report, sponsored by Technomic's MenuMonitor.

Caesar Salad in a Parmesan Bowl

Look again at those numbers—the Caesar salad's popularity is impressive. If done right, it can bring customers back for more. Our chefs keep the build classic, relying on Kraft Creamy Caesar Dressing for its rich, flavourful profile. As a fun point of distinction, they serve it in a crisp Parmesan bowl.

Dressing plus one: add minced anchovy

Specialty Salad: Wedge

The Wedge, a steakhouse staple, has seen a tremendous resurgence on menus. Here, our chefs add premium touches with crisp-fried prosciutto, salami and fresh basil. "This classic iceberg salad is a great profit generator. Adding an original spin elevates it to signature status without compromising its original profile," says Chef Williams. To keep it classic, they rely on Kraft Crumbled Blue Cheese Dressing for its full-bodied, creamy flavour.

Dressing plus one: add puréed almond

Cobb Salad

Our chefs feature the much-loved ingredients in this iconic salad, but refine the profile for a distinct offering. Roasted red pepper introduces a sweet, acidic element, and beautiful Serrano ham adds its complex flavour and premium value. They turn to Kraft Catalina Dressing, with its sweet tomato tones, to balance the savoury notes in both the blue cheese and the ham.

Dressing plus one: add Kraft Regular BarBQ Sauce

Garden Salad

With this menu standby, our chefs don't stray too far from the classic. They satisfy traditionalists with familiar ingredients—greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion and carrot. Pleasing flavour surprises come from fried eggplant croutons and a lively dressing that sees Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette blended with dried cranberries.

Dressing plus one: add maple syrup

Warm Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad

A bowlful of classic Mediterranean flavours is a wonderful thing. Kraft Roasted Red Pepper with Parmesan Dressing lends its sweet and savoury notes, rounding out this pleasing salad with lovely Mediterranean overtones.

Dressing plus one: halve lemon and grill, cut side down; squeeze caramelized juice into dressing

Sautéed Scallops with Mixed Bean & Fennel Salad

This salad answers the call for a seafood salad with gorgeous, fat sea scallops, seared to perfection. Fennel, yellow and green beans, radicchio and butter beans add to its premium profile. Kraft Sundried Tomato and Oregano Dressing ties it together with bright and sunny flavours.

Dressing plus one: add minced parsley

Updated Caesar Salad

Our chefs refresh this menu standby by giving each element a premium upgrade. /en-ca/products-and-brands/dressingsesar salad experience.

Dressing plus one: add minced capers

Spinach Salad, Middle Eastern Style

This classic takes a subtle turn into exotic flavours with the addition of hazelnuts, honey dates and chickpeas. Kraft Honey Mustard Dressing keeps things familiar with its delicate balance of sweet honey and tangy yellow mustard.

Dressing plus one: plump dried cranberries, then purée into dressing

Hand-Held Italian Chopped Salad

These rolls take the best of the classic Italian chopped salad—lettuce, salami, pepperoni, green pepper and bacon—and package it into a hand-held profile. A dipping sauce of Kraft Greek with Feta and Oregano Dressing adds a bright Mediterranean touch and a fun, interactive element.

Dressing plus one: add tahini

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