Chicken Waffle Bowl

Classic Sandwiches
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Chicken Waffle Bowl

Oh, we've got signature twists too, but we give you the standard bearers first.

Why pay attention to your sandwich board? Technomic's 2012 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report tells us that consumers are now purchasing nearly half of their sandwiches outside the home—that's a significant jump from just two years ago.

Sandwiches are indeed a menu staple, and consumers love it when restaurants offer sandwiches that are fun interpretations, whimsical deconstructions or bold new concepts. But sometimes, they just want their favourite sandwich done right. The six chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre spent a few days kicking around a good number of classic sandwiches, tweaking and adjusting until the recipes delighted all who tried them. They stayed true to the original sandwich builds, but maximized flavour and executed flawlessly. And being culinarians, once they squared away the ultimate classics, they moved on to a few creative interpretations, making even the most familiar sandwiches a standout signature.

Grilled Double-Cheese Sandwich

This classic grilled cheese stars the new Kraft Extra Cheddar Slice —nothing melts and oozes like it. To move the grilled cheese from home comfort food to restaurant experience, the chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre up the flavour and creaminess with Philadelphia Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese.


Our chefs dial up the flavour of this deli classic by tossing sauerkraut in Kraft Thousand Island Dressing, which lends its creamy, sweet/tangy notes to the sandwich, counterbalancing the dense rye and the pickled sauerkraut beautifully. Kraft Extra Swiss Slice adds its nutty flavour and perfect draping cheesiness.

Lobster Roll

"When you're featuring a premium product like lobster, you just want to make it clean and simple, and let the lobster take centre stage," says Freeman Moser III, senior executive chef, Kraft Foodservice. To bind the lobster salad, he turns to Kraft Mayo Calorie-Wise Real Mayonnaise.

Italian Hoagie

This classic sandwich goes by many names—submarine, grinder, hero, torpedo. Our chefs go old school on this one, serving up delicious Italian cold cuts in a split hoagie roll. They spread a little Kraft Calorie-Wise Zesty Italian Dressing on the bread, choosing it for its lively blend of garlic, spices and red pepper. For the cheese, they go with Kraft Provolone Cheese Slice for its mild, pleasing flavour.

BLT Club with Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Get this one right and you build a fan base for life. "We roasted the tomatoes to pump up their sweetness, so you can feature this classic even when tomatoes aren't in season," says Chef Moser. By using rich, creamy Kraft Mayo Calorie-Wise Real Mayonnaise, no flavour was sacrificed at the better-for-you altar.

Grilled Salmon BLT

With grilled salmon in the build, our chefs move the beloved BLT into entrée territory. The genius here is in the simplicity—Kraft Mayo Calorie-Wise Real Mayonnaise embellished with lemon zest brightens the sandwich perfectly.

Cajun Chicken BLT

Thought to have originated in train club cars, the club sandwich offers endless possibilities of flavour combinations. Here, our chefs match the Cajun spice seasoning on the grilled chicken with the bold, irresistible flavor of Kraft Bistro Sauce.

Cuban Chicken Grilled Cheese

This recipe takes two classics—the grilled cheese and the Cubano—and fuses them into one signature sandwich. Rotisserie chicken replaces the traditional pork and Kraft Bistro Sauce upgrades the flavour with its famous notes of wine and spices. Why chicken? Technomic reports that chicken sandwiches remain overwhelmingly prevalent and outpace the second most-frequently menued sandwich variety, turkey, by hundreds of items.2

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Cuban Chicken Grilled Cheese
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