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Seriously good ideas on how to make potatoes your star performer

Potatoes are a menu mainstay. They’re versatile. They’re inexpensive. And they’re always part of today’s best food trends. But they’re also often taken for granted. With a little creativity in recipe development, they can stand out as signature items—and command higher prices.

“Potatoes are very economical, and are an excellent way to offset higher cost items.” —Greg McDonald, General Manager, PEI Potatoes

From decadent loaded fries to shareable tater tots, there’s no doubt consumers love potatoes. Here are dozens of creative, easy ways to make guests enjoy yours.

French fries (especially signature-recipe fries), poutine and potato chips have gained ground on Canadian menus in the past year, but so too have old-school, diner-worthy potato sides such as hash browns and tater tots.”

MenuMonitor 2013, Technomic

Our Best Potato Recipes


Mashed Potato Recipes

The king of comfort food continues its reign, with Technomic’s 2013 MenuMonitor telling us that menu appearances have risen a strong 9% since 2012. The continuing popularity is no surprise, really, when you consider how mashed potatoes answer the call for homey comfort food while providing a perfect vehicle for flavour. Successful mashed potato recipes stand out with enticing flavour combinations.


How to Work It:
Leftover Baked Potatoes

If you're stuck with leftover baked potatoes, here are two creative ideas from the Idaho Potato Commission:

  • Combine the pulp of baked potatoes with a bit of milk or cream. Scoop into balls, roll them in a crumb mixture and either oven-bake or deep-fry them.
  • Hollow out the pulp and refrigerate, then toss with flour; add fresh herbs. Roll it into a log; cut into gnocchi. Cook in water until done, then toss in proprietary sauce.

Hash Recipes

Hash has leaped off the breakfast menu and into all-day-breakfast, late-night and anytime offerings. In its 2013 MenuMonitor, Technomic says hash browns (as part of its “other potato” category) have climbed more than 35% on Canadian menus since 2012.

Tater Tot Recipes

Tots are hot in the U.S. and definitely menu-ready for Canada. They’re crisp, craveable pillows of perfection, and for operators, they’re endlessly customizable. At Home of the Brave in Toronto, they’re served as a side, topped with cheese, gravy and herbs. In Vancouver, Tacofino Commissary sells tater tots topped with chorizo verde, cheddar curds, fundido, crema and salsa fresca.


Add a premium offering with housemade tots, starring colourful root vegetables such as beets, sweet potatoes and carrots. The Kraft chefs suggest three delicious dipping sauces here:


Potato Salad Recipes

Fresh-tasting and homey with just the right vibe for a casual side dish, potato salads are a perennial favourite. Make them a signature menu item with flavour-forward binders.

Loaded Fries Recipes

Loaded fries, poutine—they're both fantastically indulgent. Perfect as shareable plates, they offer a money-making way to express your kitchen's creativity. Here are three of our best loaded fries recipes.

TGI Fry-Days


Fries continue to show growth in Canada, adding an impressive 19.9% on chain menus,* both as a starter and side dish. Make yours stand out from the pack with signature dipping sauces.

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