Jam-on-Ham Sandwich

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Jam-on-Ham Sandwich

Wake up diners with bold and beautiful breakfast sandwiches.

The breakfast category is brimming with opportunity. The demand is there—Technomic reports that one-quarter of consumers say they eat sandwiches for breakfast once a week or more often. But the breakfast category is also brimming with competition. Differentiation is the key to this value-driven daypart. Give consumers a memorable flavour experience here and they'll most likely reward you with repeat business. Make it portable, and you capture the on-the-go breakfast consumer, too. The chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre worked up new breakfast sandwiches, keeping flavour innovation and menu distinction front and centre. "And they're not just for breakfast anymore," says Aliza Katz, corporate executive chef for Kraft Foodservice. "The recipe builds we created also work well on snack, late-night and all-day breakfast menus."

Breakfast Sandwiches

Huevos Rancheros Wraps

Our chefs make the Mexican breakfast favourite into an on-the-go option. Philadelphia Light Brick Cream Cheese Spread adds great texture to the Creamy Avocado Purée. "This wrap is filling and has a build that's craveable," says Chef Katz. "It's just a little bit out there, but stays recognizable."

Other idea: add grilled chicken or grilled steak for a premium option

Jam-on-Ham Sandwich

It's hard to beat a French toast sandwich. This recipe combines salty and sweet beautifully—caramelized apples and onions and French toast play counterpoint to ham and Kraft Extra Swiss Cheese Slices.

Other profile: substitute ready-made jam for the apple-onion mixture, but add mustard to the jam

Steak & Egg Bagelwich

Home on the range—in an onion bagel. To give this breakfast sandwich a smokey, full-bodied flavour, Chef Katz adds Bull's-Eye Bold Original Barbecue Sauce. Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese Spread adds its creamy mouthfeel to this easy-to-execute breakfast sandwich.

Alternate profile: replace bagel with flatbread

Bagel & Lox Sandwich

A Sunday classic gets a modern refresh with pickled cucumber and pickled onion—both of which bring in a lovely high note of acidity to counter the unctuousness of the salmon and cream cheese. Chef Katz makes a quick signature spread by adding fresh dill to rich, creamy Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese Spread.

Alternate profile for spread: make the cream cheese spread seasonal by substituting strawberries in spring, peaches in summer, cranberries in fall and cinnamon in winter

Garden Veggie Breakfast Bagel

With fresh vegetables and a multi-grain bagel, this breakfast sandwich's portability makes it a home run with today's on-the-go consumer. Kraft Extra Swiss Cheese Slices add a creamy mouthfeel and nutty, delicate flavour.

Slight twist: replace egg patty with a fried egg

Steak, Egg & Bacon Wrap

With just a little ethnic twist in the carrier, this breakfast classic gets a successful update. Grilled skirt steak, scallion and Kraft Shredded Cheese keep it familiar and delicious. A big hit of flavour and texture come through Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese Spread mixed with Bull's-Eye Bold Original Barbecue Sauce.

Slight twist: sub out tortilla with pita bread

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