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Game-Day Menu Trends

Score big with fan-favourite bar snacks


Bring them in on game day! An all-star bar bites menu offers the biggest draw. Tap into today’s best food trends in the appetizer category for success here. The modern foodservice landscape sees a new type of menu design—bar snacks, appetizers, shareables, small plates. These dishes hold favour beyond game day, answering demand for flexibility, smaller portions, customization and sociability. Diners, mainly led by the younger demographics of millennials and Generation Z, are driving this change.

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Datassential reports that nearly half of consumers want smaller appetizer portions.

A truly great appetizer is…1

  • 44% finger food, hand-holdable

  • 41% easily shareable

  • 37% healthy but delicious

  • 32% just a few bites

  • 30% familiar comfort food

Consumer barriers to ordering appetizers include additional cost to meal and the large size, according to Datassential. Smart menu strategies overcome those obstacles with enticing, shareable food that doesn’t break the bank.

Classics, Updated

Modern upgrades and fun interpretations of classic bar fare hit the spot with today’s consumer. Take a second look at how you can redefine this category, making it memorable and fun.

Sliders & Minis

Kraft BBQ Sause

This is quintessential bar food at its best. Burgers are always on-trend—these bring a signature touch to the appetizer menu.


Chicken Waffle Tenders

Thanks to the rise of global street-food-inspired menus and the snackability of tacos, they’re seeing a spike in popularity: Tacos and taquitos are up 29% on menu mentions since 2013, according to Datassential’s 2015 Canadian MenuMonitor 2015.

Globally Inspired

Chicken Waffle Tenders

According to Technomic’s 2015 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, 39% of 18- to 34-year-olds are more interested in trying global flavours than they were a year ago.

The Sriracha Effect


Sriracha now boasts more than 400% growth on menu mentions over the last four years, according to Datassential’s Canadian MenuMonitor. Its soaring popularity is partly due to a new embrace of global flavours. It’s also an indication of how diners are demonstrating an interest in more complex spicy flavours, like the sweet-spicy-savoury combination found in this Thai chile sauce.

In its 2015 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, Technomic indicates that consumers’ attitudes have shifted slightly toward milder spice levels. Richardson Ultimate Sriracha Sauce captures the best of the trend, offering the complexity of the chile pepper flavour without the overpowering heat found in the traditional version.

3 Ways to Spike Your Bar Menu with Sriracha

Sriracha Chicken Wings

Sriracha Chicken Wings

50 breaded chicken wings+100 g crispy fried onions+100 g fresh cilantro+25 oz. Richardson Ultimate Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha Spiced Popcorn

Sriracha Spiced Popcorn

1 cup corn kernels+1 ½ cups brown sugar+¾ cup butter+¾ cup Richardson Ultimate Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha Chicken Poutine

Sriracha Chicken Poutine

20 breaded chicken fingers+2 kg potato wedges+2 ½ cups fresh cheese curds+2 ½ cups Richardson Ultimate Sriracha Sauce

  1. Datassential 2015: surveying 1,004 North American consumers
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