6 Opportunities with Sharing Plates

Get ideas on how to maximize the snacking and sharing trend.

Younger consumers—both millennials and Gen Z—are driving the growth of sharing plates on menus today. These influential demographics tend to seek out social, shareable, casual menus rather than the traditional three-course structure2. Bar snacks, small plates and appetizers may hold the promise of menu differentiation and guest loyalty. We offer four ways that might help you implement this strategy and six on-trend menu opportunities for sharing plates.

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Introducing sharing plates and snacks onto your menu doesn’t demand
a menu overhaul or serious expansion. Instead, it could be a simple
change in strategy. A few ideas:

  • 1

    Rename appetizer section with a modern term, such as “small plates,” “snacks” or “bites.”

  • 2

    Move side dishes into expanded sharing plates section.

  • 3

    a few items in entrée section so
    they move into sharing plates.

  • 4

    Highlight seasonal items on this part of the menu, driving interest and return visits.

Small plates tend to have a higher average price compared with appetizers, and consumers often purchase several over the course of a meal3.

The average price of a sharing plate is $9.94, which is 11% more than the average appetizer2.

6menu opportunities

Looking to tweak your sharing plates menu? Leverage these six
trending categories to maximize consumer interest while delivering
signature flavour experiences.



Kraft Signatures
Macaroni & Cheese
answers the call for rich,
homey comfort food.

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