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Sauces have an important role to play at every meal part.

Sauces today are much more than a mere topping or an afterthought to add to grilling meat. They’re so versatile that they can be used as is or as a base for other toppings. Sauces also touch nearly every part of the menu, from appetizers and warm salads to entrées.

Sauces are also a great way to be on-trend with global flavours bringing excitement to all areas of the menu. Restaurant Canada’s 2015 Chef Survey identified Ethnic Sauces as one of the top 10 trends on Canadian menus1. It further mentioned Ethnic Fusion, Southeast Asian, Indian, Korean and Middle Eastern as the hottest trend cuisines. Sauces are an ideal way to capture some of these global flavours.

For Canadian diners, barbecue sauces in particular have gone mainstream2. Consumer interest in barbecue flavours for menu items beyond traditional grilled fare is growing. As an example, 27% of Canadian consumers polled for Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend Report said they would consider ordering a pizza with barbecue sauce, up from 16% who said the same in 2012.

Beyond the grill. smoky barbecue flavour shows every sign of sticking around beyond the grill and onto menus in innovative new dishes3.

Technomic’s MenuMonitor online trend-tracking resource indicates, over the past five years, barbecue flavour mentions on menus in Canadian restaurants have seen a 49% increase. And although most smoked flavours are found in meats and cheeses, a number of Canadian restaurants are now introducing the smokiness of barbecue across different dishes on their menus3.

49% increase of barbeque flavours on Canadian Menus
Some chefs are using smoke-infused fresh produce and condiments to add flavour to their vegetarian and seafood-based entrées, while some have even gone so far as to add smoking to their desserts3. Barbecue sauce in general can definitely be used outside the milieu of grilled meats,” says Kraft corporate chef Kira Smith. “Use it as a sauce on pizzas or flatbreads, combine with mayonnaise for a spread on sandwiches and wraps or as a dressing for bound salads and coleslaws, use it as a finishing drizzle for macaroni and cheese, pizzas and flatbreads, and even salads to add a hit of flavour.
Get on Trend

Kraft’s sauce lineup can help operators stay current with the latest trends. “Kraft offers consistent, high quality sauces that can be used as bases to incorporate other flavours, allowing operators to offer customized sauces,” says Kraft corporate chef Kira Smith.

“Utilizing a base from which to build different flavour profiles can potentially cut costs and reduce waste as it eliminates that need to purchase multiple sauces. Kraft sauces can be work horses in the kitchen.”

They are also versatile enough to create new taste experiences for diners looking for fresh culinary adventures. For example, why not take a standard burger and give it a global twist? “Prepare a Korean-style barbecue sauce by adding some garlic, ginger, scallions and gochujang to your base and have the burger garnishes echo the influence by adding a touch of kimchee,” Chef Kira suggests

“Essentially, you are using the barbecue sauce as a medium to go on different flavour adventures, balancing the familiar with the new.”

Barbecue sauce can be used all year-round to deliver bold, rich flavours – not just for summer favourites, she adds. “Barbecue sauce can be infused into many seasonal dishes, such as the rich stews and chilis of fall and winter. Don’t limit yourself to pairing it with main dish meats either: add a dollop of barbecue sauce to your mashed sweet potatoes and toss in some crisply cooked bacon. Consider how a touch of barbecue sauce can add some smokiness to a shrimp taco that’s garnished with a fresh summery slaw.”

Meet the Kraft Sauce Lineup

Kraft features a great portfolio of on-trend sauces to help you with your menu innovation. For Kraft BBQ Sauce and Bull’s Eye Barbecue Sauce, think beyond the grill. For Kraft Bistro Sauce, don’t limit yourself to using it just as a sandwich spread. There’s so much you can do with Kraft Sauces — we suggest everything!

Check out our recipes that capture many of the innovative ways you can get saucy with your menu.

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