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What are diners looking for on today’s menus?

Breakfast foods attract diners with comforting, satisfying fare. These menu items also carry today’s trends well, housing them in familiar dishes or anchoring them with well-known ingredients. Whatever the culinary approach, breakfast is rich with opportunity.

Breakfast hours have already stretched well past morning, extending the reach of those menu items. The definition of what falls under the breakfast umbrella has shifted too, broadening the category. Consumers are driving these changes, seeking everything from creative comfort fare and global flavour mash-ups to functional foods. Now, many are craving a return to routine, which the morning daypart serves up—all in the familiar, beloved format of breakfast foods.
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How do you win atbreakfast?

It seems that comfort food is king today—and given the times, it’s easy to understand why. Of course, most breakfast favourites lean toward comfort, giving operators an easy win there. But delivering on consumer values still matters. When looking at restaurant brands that succeed in the breakfast space, a common thread weaves through their breakfast strategies, reflecting consumer values today:1

  • Focus on freshness
  • Feature new flavours
  • Use quality ingredients
  • Source responsibly
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Introducing the
latest in our lineup— Kraft Hazelnut Spread!

Boasting the decadent flavour of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, it contains no palm oil, no artificial colours and is low in saturated fat. Nut butters have claimed their stake on breakfast menus, with 83% of users spreading it on toast or bread and 50% enjoying it before 9 a.m.2 Kraft Hazelnut Spread taps into comfort and nostalgia—two drivers behind the chocolate-hazelnut spread mania—particularly for Millennials, according to the 2019 Technomic MenuMonitor.
Available in portion cups, Kraft Hazelnut Spread answers the demand for convenient, on-the-go breakfast and snacking.
When developing breakfast recipes that answer today’s call for comfort and familiarity, feature the brands that Canadians know and love. Kraft Table Spreads make it easy for diners to customize every bite.

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