3 Rules


Make them superstars with strategic construction and craveable flavours.


Amplify flavour

Chefs are dialing up flavour in to-go sandwiches to guarantee a satisfying guest experience. Temperature and texture often take a hit during transport. Punching up flavour compensates for those downsides that are somewhat inevitable, no matter how good the packaging.

Use condiments to deliver flavour. Mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, cream cheese and dressing are all readily accessible as pantry staples.

Condiments carry trending flavours well. Every restaurant keeps high-impact ingredients on hand. Mix them into condiments to boost flavour in sandwiches:

Barbecue sauce
+ gochujang

Sriracha + honey
+ cream cheese

Mayo + maple syrup
+ cayenne pepper

+ miso


Be strategic in both the selection and assembly of ingredients

A few deft moves in building the sandwich can help overcome the challenges presented by holding and travel times.

To minimize moisture, pat vegetables dry before layering the onto bread.

Add tomatoes between lettuce leaves so they don’t slide out.

Place a layer of lettuce on the bottom slice of bread as a moisture barrier.

Use cream cheese as the spread to hold ingredients together and keep moisture level low. Boost flavour by mixing in Sriracha, everything-bagel seasoning, smoked paprika, etc.

Think through existing sandwich builds and adjust for optimal takeout experience.


Replace softer textured elements with crunchier ones—roasted red peppers get subbed with crunchy slaw; caramelize onions become pickled onions.


If the ingredient is crucial to the sandwich’s profile, but will not do well during transport, move it to a takeout container.


Get creative with crunch

Chefs regularly employ some kind of crispy, crunchy play in sandwich builds—it’s one of the clearest pathways to craveability. In takeout, the key is introducing textural elements that hold their structure.

Crisp slaws dressed in bright vinaigrettes

Unexpected elements, like potato chip shards or chicharrón crumbles

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