Take Philly Further

Creative menu ideas that maximize the creamy goodness of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is an iconic brand, serving up more than 145 years of craftsmanship. Fresh milk and real cream give Philly its signature rich mouthfeel, making it a versatile SKU that works hard across the menu and across day parts. In both sweet and savoury recipe development, cream cheese introduces creaminess and moisture, along with that classic subtle, tangy flavour. Below, take a look at on-trend menu ideas for breakfast/brunch, shareables, and of course, dessert, that leverage this pantry staple’s versatility and singular smooth texture, building crave and driving interest.

Philly is the #1 branded cream cheese in foodservice, with a proud heritage of more than

150 years

of experience.1


Of course, bagels and cream cheese are a breakfast staple, but Philly can make so many other moves in the morning. Whisked into eggs for an omelette, frittata or soft scramble, cream cheese brings in a pleasing moisture and richness, elevating the savoury dish. On the sweet side, it keeps pancake and waffle batters ender and moist, and makes a lush filling base for French toast and crêpes.

Modern Brunch Boards Made Easy

Pair assorted mini bagels with creative signature cream cheese flavours.

Start with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

real maple syrup


Calabrian chile

local honey

sunflower seeds

fresh thyme

raspberry preserves

fresh mint

roased tomatoes



Philly fits right in the dips and spreads category thanks to its creamy, rich texture and savoury tang. Comforting and decadent, dips are endlessly customizable. Start with a foundation of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for body, then go either warm or cool, depending on season and mood. For shareables like savoury pastries, sliders, tacos, flatbreads and pizzas, cream cheese serves as a rich filling or spread, introducing a creamy mouthfeel for that craveable appeal.


Philly owns the dessert category, bringing its decadent creamy texture and tangy flavour to everything from cheesecake to chocolate mousse to milkshakes. Start with Philadelphia Cream Cheese for a consistent, high-quality result.

5 Desserts on the Rise

These sweet things are showing up on menus more today than they were a year ago.1 We’ve got easy, delicious recipes for each of them:




Plain Cheesecake


Chocolate Cake


Flavoured Cheesecake



Cheesecake is the

2nd Most Popular

dessert option on menus today!2
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