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While Heinz Ketchup is a delicious condiment on its own, it also serves as a foundation for signature flavour play. From sweet heat to smoky and spicy, customizing a pantry staple condiment transforms it into a unique dipping sauce or spread. The versatility is tremendous, partnering with a host of dishes, from bar snacks and shareables to burgers and fries. Below, find a list of trend-forward add-ins that move your ketchup to signature flavour experience.


first,the Foundation

To ensure high quality and that true tangy-sweet ketchup flavour that your guests look for, it has to be Heinz. Since its debut in 1909, Heinz Ketchup has been made with fresh red ripe tomatoes, carefully blended with our unique spices for thick, rich flavour.

More Canadians prefer Heinz Ketchup over any other competitor: It’s the #1 brand in retail and in foodservice1.

Next,the Signature Flavour

Once you’ve harnessed the brand power of Heinz Ketchup, take it in new flavour directions, introducing trending ingredient combinations for signature condiments, dips or spreads:


Maple Syrup + Black Pepper

Brown Sugar +
Ancho Chili Pepper Powder

Mango Purée + Habanero

Make It Crunchy

Pickle Relish

Finely Chopped Jalapeños

Chili Crisp


Liquid Smoke + Garlic Powder

Smoked Paprika + Cumin

Chipotle Powder + Cinnamon

Heat with Funk

White Miso + Sambal

Soy Sauce +
Chinese Hot Mustard

Fish Sauce + Harissa

Heinz Ketchup is:

no high
fructose corn

no artificial
colours or

free from


proprietary blend
of tomato seeds
is GMO free

One Brand, Many Formats

Our portfolio offers packaging formats to meet all of your ketchup needs!

consumer heinz

Your guests know Heinz Ketchup. Whether table-topping the iconic red and white bottle or using it back of house, make sure to give Canadian consumers their favourite condiment.

100% total consumer brand awareness

Heinz Ketchup…

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