Gain a competitive edge with culinary sessions from Kraft Heinz Away From Home

The chefs at Kraft Heinz Away From Home are more than culinary experts; they’re your dedicated partners in business elevation. Drawing from their extensive industry experience, they intimately understand the challenges you face in the kitchen. Through tailored customer-centric culinary sessions—available to restaurant operators in Canada—they apply that real-word expertise to help grow your business. At these sessions, the culinary team works with you to create back-of-house solutions aimed at optimizing your menu, boost guest satisfaction and build profits.

culinary sessions

The Kraft Heinz Culinary Sessions include customer-specific insights and trends, menu ideation, tastings and paper concepts. Offered virtually, on site, or in person at Kraft Heinz HQ in Toronto, the sessions typically run for three hours, where the Kraft Heinz team works with operators on a combination of the following:






We help our customers with their pain points, solving labour and cost issues when we can,” says Philman George, Corporate Chef with Kraft Heinz Away From Home. “Every customer has a unique set of challenges. We partner with them to find viable solutions.” The Kraft Heinz Culinary Sessions help operators optimize their business and deepen their products’ reach.


“We frame our collaboration around their unique operations, helping them dial up their menus without increasing complexity,” says Alon Chitiz, Assistant Corporate Chef, Kraft Heinz Away From Home, “Along with a customized dive into industry trends, our operators walk away with solutions on how to maximize and optimize all of the Kraft Heinz products in their pantry.”


Kraft Heinz Away From Home introduces a state-of- the-art onsite culinary centre, housed in our brand-new Canadian headquarters in downtown Toronto.

The culinary centre is set to open its doors in 2024, marking a new era of collaboration between Kraft Heinz and Canadian chefs and restaurant operators. Every facet has been optimized to enhance agility, foster connectivity and ignite collaboration. It features spaces for both our foodservice and retail culinary teams to develop, test and taste our products with colleagues and customers.

One of the features that sets our culinary centre apart is its cutting-edge hybrid meeting technology, integrating virtual interactions with the same finesse and efficiency as face-to-face engagements. This technology ensures that the meaningful discussions and collaborations that take place within the walls of our centre extend effortlessly to your operation, transcending geographical boundaries. Whether in person or virtual, these tailored customer-centric culinary sessions deliver our real-world expertise directly to your kitchen.

The culinary sessions at Kraft Heinz Away From Home are run by our team of professional chefs. They bring their real-world expertise and passion to the table every day. Meet the chefs who help drive innovation, delivering product solutions, menu ideas and business savvy to our Away From Home partners — including independent operators and chain accounts.

Philman George

Corporate Chef,
Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Philman George brings his extensive industry experience and creative energy to Kraft Heinz Away From Home. His culinary calling came at an early age, starting work in foodservice as a dishwasher when he was 16. “I started out with a simple goal of getting enough money to buy myself a pair of great sneakers. But I found a love and

passion for foodservice, and the rest is
history,” he says. With a degree
from George Brown College in
culinary management, Chef
Philman has cooked in
kitchens that range

from English-style pubs and award-winning restaurants to private clubs and hotels in Canada, Australia & the Caribbean.

In his role as Corporate Chef of Kraft Heinz Away From Home, he provides customer ideation, menu engineering and recipe development. With an eye on today’s flavour trends and consumer preferences, Chef Philman is committed to helping operators succeed: “Regardless of where trends are going, the common thread that has to pull through any menu work is good quality and good value.”

Alon Chitiz

Assistant Corporate Chef,
Kraft Heinz Away From Home

Alon Chitiz describes himself as “a culinary enthusiast and chef, whose unwavering passion for food has guided my journey.” That journey officially got under way after receiving the Grand Diplôme in both cuisine and pastry from Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. Chef Alon’s career took off at MLSE’s Platinum Club in Toronto, a fine-dining restaurant that caters to both enthusiastic fans and players. He honed his skills, travelling during summer

months to “explore diverse culinary opportunities at home and overseas.”

After a long stint as an executive chef at a country club, Chef Alon joined the Kraft Heinz culinary team. “I’m dedicated to supporting our restaurant and non-commercial customers, providing innovative solutions to elevate their operations.”

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