Maximize tomato products across your menu for modern flavour innovation

Tomatoes, a staple ingredient in cuisines worldwide, are not just a kitchen essential; they’re a versatile addition that can elevate the flavour profile of a wide range of dishes. Tomatoes play a pivotal role in the success of numerous trending dishes, both locally and internationally. From modern plant-based options to globally inspired dishes, and from pizza builds to pasta dishes, tomatoes are at the heart of many contemporary favourites. By embracing tomato-centric recipes, chefs can not only cater to the demands of today’s discerning diners but also infuse their menus with the flavours and ingredients that are on trend, ensuring their offerings stay appealing in a competitive market.

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In addition to America’s Favourite Ketchup®, Heinz is the name behind a world-class portfolio of tomato products. Heinz offers value-added, ready-to-use products that are also highly customizable, made from fresh-packed California tomatoes.

  • Diced
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Purée & Paste
bell orto

Delivering high quality tomato products that feature 100% vine-ripened California tomatoes that are fresh-packed within hours of harvest, using minimal heat to result in superior flavour and a naturally rich red colour.

  • Concentrated Crushed
  • Diced
  • Pasta Sauce Strips
  • Whole

100% vine-ripened tomatoes using natural steam peeled process with no additives, preservatives and no citric acid, Escalon tomatoes deliver consistently high quality in the kitchen. They taste noticeably fresher than other brands due to quality measures at every step of cultivation and processing.

  • Concentrated Crushed
  • Ground Purée
  • Pasta Sauce Pizza Sauce
  • Strips

Next-level flavour and premium perception are a winning combination. Start with your favourite Heinz, Bell’Orto or Escalon canned tomato product, then make these year-round high-impact condiments.

A sweet and savoury condiment made by slow-cooking tomatoes with sugar and a variety of seasonings until the mixture thickens and develops a rich, jam-like consistency

Roast Beef Sandwich

shaved roast beef + red onion + Colby Jack cheese
+ harissa-tomato jam + sourdough bread

Breakfast Bocadillo

jamón serrano + Manchego + bacon-tomato jam
+ sunny-side-up egg + Spanish crystal bread (Spanish-style ciabatta)

Fried Chicken Sandwich

habanero buttermilk-brined + sweet tea-brined chicken
+ bread and butter pickle slices + jalapeño-tomato jam

Cobb Salad

romaine/iceberg blend + maple bacon + avocado chunks
+ blue cheese crumbles + a swipe of tomato jam on the bowl

A flavourful condiment and sauce that is similar to traditional basil pesto but incorporates canned tomatoes as a key ingredient, offering a unique blend of sweet, tangy and savoury flavours

Avocado Toast

thick-sliced artisan bread + tomato pesto + sliced hard-boiled egg
+ red pepper flakes

Smoked Ham and Tomato
Pesto Croque Monsieur

Caprese Salad

fresh tomato slices + fresh mozzarella + torn basil
+ a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette whisked with tomato pesto

Stuffed Pork Chop

meat is spread with tomato pesto before roasting

A flavourful condiment or relish made by cooking canned tomatoes with a variety of spices, seasonings, and sometimes sweeteners to create a complex flavour profile that serves as an ideal counterpart to sweet, savoury and bold flavours

Veggie Burger

grilled plant-based patty + tomato-ginger chutney + scallions + nori chips

French Grilled Cheese

raclette cheese + tomato chutney (spread on the inside of the
bread before grilling) + Pullman loaf slices

North of the Border Quesadilla

flour tortilla + smoked tomato chutney (spread on before griddling)
+ queso blanco + pickled jalapeños

Roasted Root Vegetables

carrots + beets + parsnips + red onion,
roasted then topped with rosemary tomato chutney

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