The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Melt their hearts with modern takes on this beloved classic.

Canadians love their grilled cheese sandwiches—they’re familiar, dependable and craveable. They also love discovering new versions that incorporate modern flavour combinations among the cheesy goodness. Look to the proliferation of single-focus grilled cheese concepts popping up across the country, such as MELT"wich" Food Co. and Gorilla Cheese. Bold, fun flavour combinations are the order of the day.

Get inspired

by this hot foodservice trend with delicious takes on the iconic grilled cheese.

Modern Grilled CheesesEasy as 1-2-3

We tapped our grilled cheese experts at the Kraft Heinz Culinary Centre for ideas on which cheeses work best with different modern builds.

The Best Bar Bite

This Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Appetizer is perfect on your snacks or appetizer menu, or right at home for catered events.

menu sightings

Across Canada, chefs are showcasing the glory of grilled cheese, calling on high-impact ingredients to elevate this classic to premium status.

Chicken Club

Mozzarella, herb and garlic cream cheese, crispy chicken, bacon, chipotle aïoli, spinach and herbed tomato

MELT"wich" Food Co., multiple locations

Yes Ma’am

Mac & cheese and American cheese on sourdough bread

Hi-Five, Vancouver

The Cartel

Housemade guacamole and corn, roasted chicken, banana peppers and jalapeño Havarti

Cut the Cheese, Toronto

Little Kay’s Favourite Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled sourdough with apple-tomato relish,
aged cheddar and mozzarella

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Toronto

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