• The Kraft Heinz Poutine Battle

    Squeaky cheese curds, savoury gravy and hot fries lay the foundation for the ultimate shareable dish—poutine. Looking to showcase the glorious menu potential of this iconic item, The Chef Collective and Kraft Heinz staged the Poutine Battle, where four teams competed in front of a lively audience and a panel of judges. Kraft Heinz was proud to sponsor the event, held at Tiradito Bar in Montreal. SEE OUR VIDEO

  • The judges evaluated each entry on taste, originality, use of secret ingredient, preparation and presentation. Teams 2 and 3 met in the finals, after triumphing in early rounds. “Poutine is a Canadian comfort food that appeals to everyone—Boomers to Millennials,” says Dane Higgins, Kraft Heinz Corporate Chef. “These competitors showcased how—with the right ingredients—you can take poutine to a new level.”

  • Competitors chose from a rich array of ingredients, including essentials. Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds, made with 100% Canadian milk, ensures authenticity. Heinz Regional BBQ Sauces and Diana Sauces invite signature gravies. The portfolio of Kraft Cheeses promises comfort-food bliss. “Heinz Carolina Sauce tastes authentic, giving us a bold ingredient that made our poutine stand out,” says Dustin Gilman, Team 3.

  • In Battle 1, Team 1 (Paul-André Piché, chef; Cally Dubrofsky, blogger) faced Team 2 (Simon Vallée-Troie, chef; Virginie Pichet, blogger). Their secret ingredient? Steak! Team 1 created Grilled Cheese Poutine: fries, brioche, pickles, flank steak and Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds. Team 2 made Kawaii Poutine: fries, mushrooms, skirt steak, teriyaki, cured meat, Heinz Memphis BBQ Sauce and Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds.

  • In Battle 2, Team 3 (Fabrizia Rollo, chef; Dustin Gilman, blogger) faced Team 4 (Dominique Rioux, chef; Juliana Grasso, blogger). Secret ingredient? Duck! Team 4 served Green Bean & Duck Poutine: battered green beans, togarashi duck, Diana Thai Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Kraft Parmesan Cheese, Kraft Monterey Jack and Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds. Team 3 countered with Mexican Duck Poutine, starring Kraft Tex-Mex Cheese Blend.

  • Teams 2 and 3 faced off in the final round, with smoked meat as the secret ingredient. Team 2 put up “Pouteeh-haw”: sweet potato fries, Diana Thai Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, sriracha sauce, Kraft Tex-Mex Cheese and Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds. Team 3 won the day with Three Cheese Carolina Poutine: sweet potato fries, Heinz Carolina BBQ Sauce spiked with Heinz Mustard, jalapeño, Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds, Kraft Monterey Jack and Kraft Asiago Cheese.

Winning Poutine

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winning chef

Fabrizia Rollo

winning blogger

Dustin Gilman

  • CREATOR OF foodguymontreal.com
  • Go-to ingredients: It's like choosing a favourite child—I can't do it.
  • Favourite Kraft Heinz product:
    Heinz Mustard. It adds tang and depth in marinades, vinaigrettes and my chili recipe.
The Kraft Cheddar Cheese Curds have that great cheddar taste that you want in a poutine. — Fabrizia Rollo
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