Sweet Endings

6 menu-ready desserts designed to wow your guests

When your guests get to the end of their meal and crave something sweet, they aren’t necessarily seeking big adventure. Many diners
just want something yummy that’s executed well and elevated above what they can prepare at
home. Today’s best dessert trends feature classic offerings with a bit of a twist—wrapped up in fun, playful presentations1.



Don’t underestimate the power of fun! At Kraft Heinz, we believe it’s important
for these three reasons:

  • fun is memorable
  • fun may build
    brand loyalty
  • fun can translate
    to delicious

The dessert section of your menu is a chance to be creative and show the playful side of your restaurant. Add-ins, toppings
and drizzles on some of Canada’s favourite desserts are a great way to differentiate your desserts without overworking your staff.
Think creatively about presentation for maximum impact.

Creative flavour combinations help take dessert sauces, finishes,
dips and drizzles to the next level. Start with Richardson Toppings,
then add a flavour-forward touch for a quick and easy signature dessert.


Richardson Butterscotch Topping




Richardson Blueberry Connoisseur Topping




Richardson Strawberry Connoisseur Topping




Richardson Caramel Topping




Richardson Choc-o-Rich Topping


maple syrup


shake up the shake


For visual impact, drizzle the inside of the glass with a Richardson Syrup, then add other ingredients.


surprise & delight

Sticky Toffee Pudding Use Richardson Caramel Topping as an eye-catching moat in a comforting, rich pudding.

Cinnamon Churros Infuse Richardson Choc-o-Rich Topping with Mexican chili powder for a prickle of heat.


1Technomic Canadian Trends Forecast 2017 2© 2017 Technomic Inc. – MenuMonitor

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