Time for Aioli

Make your dishes memorable with flavour-forward spreads and dips

Craveability often comes from the sauce, dip or spread, where bold flavour and creamy mouthfeel combine to deliver a come-back-for-more experience. We’ve got five aiolis for you—all made with high flavour impact in mind. To help you maximize them on your menu, below are recommended flavour combinations and quick menu ideas.

Introducing Renée’s Aiolis, a line of
delicious refrigerated aiolis, perfect
on sandwiches, burgers or tacos, or
as a signature dipping sauce for fries.

The saucy possibilities are endless with four NEW Renée’s Aiolis plus Kraft Bacon Aioli. Pick your favourite or try all five!

  • Kraft Bacon Aioli: Creamy aioli made with
    real bacon and a hint
    of garlic

  • Renée’s Jalapeño Lime Aioli: Creamy aioli made
    with jalapeño peppers
    with a hint of garlic
    and lime

  • Renée’s Roasted Garlic
    Classic aioli made
    with roasted and
    chopped garlic

  • Renée’s Lemon Dill Aioli: Creamy aioli made with
    dill and a hint of lemon
    and garlic

  • Renée’s Chipotle Aioli: Creamy aioli made with
    chipotle peppers and a
    hint of garlic and onion

premium burgers

Aioli is the FASTEST-GROWING CONDIMENT on burgers at full-service restaurants, up 22% 2.


pickled jalapeño, fried
onion straws and
Renée’s Chipotle Aioli

modernsandwich builds

Aioli is in theTOP 3 CONDIMENTS paired with sandwiches3.

po’ boy

crispy-fried Gulf shrimp,
pickled jalapeños and
Renée’s Lemon Dill Aioli


Today’s tacos see an anything-goes approach, with chefs leveraging
their popularity and tucking in craveable, creative flavour combinations.

szechwan pineapple
pulled pork tacos

“canadiana” maple bacon bbq chicken tacos

Aiolis were born to partner with deep-fried
deliciousness—from hot, crispy fries to battered,
crunchy pickles. The Kraft Heinz lineup of five
aioli flavours is perfect for your snacks or
shareables menu.

1Technomic MenuMonitor, Q4-16 to Q4-17  2Technomic, Inc: 2017 Canadian Burger Market Insights  3Technomic MenuMonitor, Q4-16 to Q4-17

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