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There’s big opportunity in the soup category today for operators who can answer the demand for high-quality, unique soups that don’t diminish the value proposition. According to Technomic’s 2018 Canadian Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report: “Soup maintains the potential to drive sales. It’s familiar to a majority of guests and adapts well to trends around seasonality, ethnic flavours and snacking.” Success, we think, lies in the balance of offering both familiar profiles and more adventurous ones.

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Innovation here is worth the effort—soups hold great profit potential—especially when operators can confidently rely on ready-made products.

39% agree with:

"I visit certain restaurants specifically because I enjoy the soup they offer"

That’sarrow_up up from 29% in 20151.


The average menu price of a 9-oz. serving of soup is $5.50 and the average food cost is only approximately $1.25.


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60% of consumers are HIGHLY LIKELY to order soups with ethnic flavours2. TrueSoups features a number of ethnic-inspired soups—ready to heat, garnish and serve:

all of our soups are made with...

  • NO-artificial-flavours
  • NO-added-preservatives
  • NO-added-msg

classic comfort,too

Make sure you’re giving your guests familiar profiles—with fan-favourite flavours
in quality soups, slow-simmered for a delicious result every time. Chef Francisco
soups are wholesome and satisfying, Simply add milk or water, depending on
SKU, for a taste of homey, classic soup your guests will know and love.

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Technomic calls out the grab-and-go sector as a growing opportunity. Many of today’s consumers are looking for quick, convenient options—ready-to-serve soups play beautifully in that space.


5 high-impact garnishes

Add flavour-forward finishes to help differentiate your soup offerings.

  • 1 2018 Technomic Inc., Canadian Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report

  • 2 Technomic's 2017 Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report

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