• Big Menu Opportunities

    3 Big Menu Opportunities

    With so many flavour trends influencing menus today, the challenge is figuring out which ones to adapt onto menus. Our culinary team is tracking three trends that offer opportunity for differentiation. The first, a desire to eat authentic foods, is a value held by many diners, according to Technomic. The key is conveying it on your menu. The second represents a new opportunity catching fire throughout foodservice: plant-based foods. And the third sees a renewed focus on dishes inspired by street food.

  • Sourcing and eating real foods

    Sourcing and eating real food is a value held closely by many diners today. Technomic reports that some 75% of consumers are drawn to foods that are natural, authentic and premium. Relying on products that boast real ingredients helps you deliver on that promise. Made from quality, real ingredients, Renée’s Gourmet Dressings give you scratch-made taste—with no artificial flavours or artificial colours.

  • street food phenomenon

    The street food phenomenon is one of the biggest reasons so many menus today feature globally inspired, casual food. Food trucks, street carts and pop-ups all continue to influence menus, driving innovation around ethnic dips, flavour-forward global sauces and so much more. Street food has also influenced portion sizes: Technomic reports that six out of 10 consumers want restaurants to offer items in different portion sizes at different price points.

  • Plant based foods

    Plant-based foods, like Boca Essentials meatless products, are stealing the spotlight today, driven by chefs paying serious attention to vegetable cookery and by a dining consumer looking for wholesome options. Technomic tells us that 34% of consumers say they tend to purchase vegetarian fare in restaurants, and 28% look for vegan items. But even more significant: A broader group has adopted the flexitarian idea, choosing plant-based over meat-centric dishes occasionally.

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