• holiday headquarters recipes
  • holiday headquarters recipes
  • holiday headquarters recipes
  • holiday headquarters recipes


Holiday Headquarters
Drive traffic with a season-perfect menu designed for today’s diners

The holidays offer up a fantastic opportunity to score big with foodservice guests, giving them a fun, festive dining experience while delivering their holiday favourites. “Social” and “shareable” define the trends today—particularly at this time of year. But Brandspark, on behalf of Restaurants Canada, has uncovered a significant preference in consumer dining behaviour: While guests are interested in concepts like smaller portions, family-style dining and tasting menus, small plates/tapas are less appealing to them. This signals an opportunity in designing menus—especially holiday menus—that answer that demand for shareable food.

holday thought starters

Kraft Heinz Foodservice wants to be your HOLIDAY HELPER!
Our culinary team has developed RECIPES that deliver a
while keeping ease-of-execution in mind.

celebrate with shareables

Holiday parties, friend get-togethers, family gatherings—get ready
for them with convivial, social menu items.

dip into flavour

Scoopable and shareable, there’s nothing quite as social as a dip. According to
Brandspark’s latest consumer research, global dips are all the rage with chefs and guests alike.

sugar high

Make your holiday desserts unforgettable! We’ve wrapped up seasonal
favourites—all in easy-to-execute desserts.

  • Cranberry Orange Cheesecake Bread Pudding
    Cranberry-Orange Cheesecake
    Bread Pudding

    Cranberry is iconic to the holiday season, adding its sweet-tart pop of flavour to this luscious, comforting bread pudding.

  • Lemony Gingerbread Mini Mousse Cakes
    Lemony Gingerbread Mini Mousse Cakes

    This dessert serves up the
    warm, spiced notes that only gingerbread delivers. Appearing only during the holidays, the anticipation
    helps build excitement around desserts like these.

  • Spice-Infused Chocolate Pots de Crème
    Spice-Infused Chocolate Pots de Crème

    Spiced desserts are perfect for colder months, bringing in warm notes to soothe the soul. This smooth, creamy chocolate dessert surprises with ancho chile and
    black pepper.

  • Eggnog Citrus Cheesecake
    Citrus Cheesecake

    Eggnog is really only savoured for a few weeks
    in December, but nothing signals the holidays quite like it. This cheesecake delivers on the special flavour that diners anticipate all year long.

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