Heat Wave

Find out what consumers want, along with easy ways to add heat to your dishes.

Canada’s love affair with heat continues to inform on-trend foodservice menus. From chipotle, Buffalo sauce and habanero to Sriracha, sambal and harissa, heat can drive excitement around bar bites, sides and mains. Today, the trend leans toward complexity of flavour rather than scorching heat. Below are quick, creative ideas on how to deliver modern heat on your menus.

3 reasons to make it hot

Technomic, in its 2017 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, notes: “This interest is encouraging operators and suppliers to incorporate spicy flavours into a Greater variety of cuisines, which in turn is leading to more complex spicy flavour profiles, rather than just pure heat.” Technomic also shares the following insights:

  • Spicy flavours continue to TREND UP
    on Canadian menus

  • Nearly half of consumers say they PREFER VERY SPICY SAUCES

  • MORE CONSUMERS today say they use hot sauce on a variety of foods

Nothing carries heat better than condiments. We tapped our corporate chef, Thomas Heitz, for signature sauces and dips that pack a serious punch. He started with staple ingredients from Kraft HeinzBarbecue Sauce, Ranch Dressing and Mayonnaise—then added trending ingredients for memorable, craveable menu items.

peach marmalade
ancho chile powder
St. Louis ribs
apple butter
baby back ribs
orange soda
pulled chicken sandwich
roasted or grilled chicken
Carolina pulled pork sandwich
Cobb salad
Aleppo pepper
wedge salad
ancho chile
Southwest salad
sour cream
fish taco
pork belly sandwich
liquid smoke
brisket Sandwich
fresh dill
fried calamari

packing heat

These easy-to-execute recipes bring the heat—all while delivering the flavours and formats your guests love.

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