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Happy Birthday Heinz!

Happy Birthday Heinz!

With 150 years in the making,
Heinz delivers brands people love

Condiments are such a crucial part of a
restaurant’s menu narrative today, ratcheting up
distinctive flavour and that all-important
Relying on familiar, popular, high-quality brands
that are the benchmark for your guests helps guarantee
menu success.

Heinz is the standard-bearer in condiments. It’s one of
the world’s most beloved and trusted brands, and it’s a
story 150 years in the making.

The Heinz Company started with horseradish, believe it or not. Henry J. Heinz began bottling his mother’s recipe in 1869. Heinz Tomato Ketchup made its debut a few years later, standing out with its rich, thick taste. Heinz Mustard and Heinz Relish soon followed. These condiments have been preferred by your guests for generations, weaving into their personal histories, from family picnics and backyard cookouts to after-school snacks and Sunday suppers. You can’t beat that kind of brand loyalty—one that boasts a love story that’s lasted 150 years. And counting.
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When H.J. Heinz started the Heinz Company, his mission was to “do common things
uncommonly well.” He didn’t just want people to taste his products’ quality
he wanted them to see it. For Heinz Barbecue Sauce, he used transparent jars instead
of the brown opaque bottles commonly used at the time. Heinz did this to showcase
his products’ quality and purity.
Condiments are the unsung heroes of both the back of house and the tabletop.
His dedication to doing things uncommonly well has ensured that the name Heinz
is associated with quality, variety and good taste.
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From Canada’s Favourite Ketchup to Heinz
, Heinz offers the best-loved brands
that boast the highest quality of ingredients.

A tradition that started 150 years ago, the story behind Heinz is a rich one:

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H.J. Heinz made a
name for himself at
the age of eight,
when he first started
selling produce from
his mother's garden.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup
made its debut before the
invention of the lightbulb by
Thomas Edison (1879), the
completion of the Eiffel
Tower (1887) and the Wright
Brothers' first flight (1903).

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At the Chicago World’s
Fair in 1893, H.J. Heinz
attracted visitors through
a giveaway and handed
out nearly one million
pickle pins
, inspired by the
Heinz Ketchup packaging
at the time. This was
considered to be one of
the greatest advertising stunts in history.

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Heinz installed the first-ever
electronic billboard in New
York City
(a 43-foot pickle
standing at six stories high)
in 1900. It was located
where the famous Flatiron
now stands.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup was approved by NASA
in 1999 for use on the
International Space Station
and continues to be the
go-to condiment for
galactic mealtimes.

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The farmers who grow Heinz tomatoes, many of whom
done so for generations, are committed to the
highest standard of quality. Heinz
knows the
ketchup on your table is only as good as
the tomato it comes from.

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The tomatoes grown for Heinz Ketchup are
second to none. The superior taste and quality
of Heinz Ketchup starts with its tomatoes. The
brand’s farmers grow tomatoes from proprietary
, which yield the best sweetness and
generate the perfect thickness in each bottle of
Heinz Ketchup.

Heinz cross-pollinates plants with the specific
qualities it looks for, such as superior taste and
disease resistance, to grow the ideal hybrid
tomato. Seeds from these hybrids are then used
to grow the next crop of tomatoes for Heinz’s
famous ketchup. Unlike genetically modified
organisms, commonly called GMOs, Heinz
Ketchup tomatoes are bred for perfection the
same way H.J. Heinz did when he began making ketchup.

Canada’s Favourite Ketchup is the benchmark for all Heinz products. They strive to deliver the same
standard of high quality throughout their brand portfolio. That was H.J. Heinz’s promise 150 years
, and it’s their promise today.

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