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All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

Signature salad dressings help
differentiate menus and drive visits

The salad category is such an important one to
get right.
It’s a menu mainstay, which means
consumer expectation is pretty high. Chances are,
they know what they like and they’ll remember a
salad that hits all the right notes. The challenge
comes in figuring out what those “right notes” are.
Datassential, a research company that specializes in
food trends and consumer insights, calls out a
strategy that promotes safe experimentation. Here,
chefs combine familiar flavours and ingredients with
a flavour accent that hasn’t made it into the
mainstream…yet. In salad development, one of the easiest paths to that safe experimentation is through dressings.
Give them their favourites, but add signature flair with an adventurous, compelling flavour. Here’s how.

what are diners looking for1?

one Younger consumers
purchase more salads
per month than older
consumers, driven by their
focus on healthy eating, as
well as their higher overall
foodservice usage.

two Women are especially
likely to seek out salads
that can’t be easily
replicated at home and tend
to drive preference for global

three Crunchy greens and
vegetables with more
mild flavours are most
appealing, which suggests
consumers prefer flavours
imparted by dressings.

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  • kraft
  • richardson

*Based on percentage of customers who rank flavour in top 5 dressings

Salad dressings are the star of the show. Choose from the
huge variety of popular flavours brought to you by
Kraft Heinz Foodservice, then add a bit of adventure for that
all-important menu differentiation.


choose your dressing

Our premium refrigerated dressings are made with
no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,
delivering exceptional quality and great taste—
ready for your signature moves or perfect as they
are. Kraft Heinz Foodservice offers an array of
flavours and formats—all proudly displaying
consistency and quality.
  • checkImpart homestyle goodness with
    premium cues
  • checkComplement your existing recipes
  • checkSave prep time

Technomic reports that consumers may be craving more chef-designed options as the build-your-own
salad market saturates. Give them what they’re looking for with these easy-to-execute salads.

1 Source: Technomic Canadian Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report

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