• The Cold Brew Phenomenon

    Cold brew coffee is one of today’s fastest-growing beverage trends, with an astounding 486% increase in menu mentions over the past four years, according to Datassential. It’s part of a rich coffee culture in Canada—one that values high-quality coffee and creative specialty coffee drinks. Cold brew coffee is coffee that’s brewed with cold water, using a longer period of time to extract the concentrate from the beans. One of the reasons it’s finding such success here is that it boasts a smoother coffee taste with less acidity and bitterness. And with it served perfectly over ice, it is also finding traction with restaurants that use it as a base for a variety of other beverages.

  • Station Cold Brew is a functional beverage company specializing in cold brew, offering premium cold brew coffee that tastes great. Ethically sourced and all-natural, they care about every detail behind their brand. They are the leader in one of the fastest-growing beverage categories, providing foodservice an array of products that answers both consumer demand and back-of-house convenience. All of their cold brew coffee products are cold-steeped for 18 hours, double-filtered and nitrogen-infused—serving a wonderful jolt of all-natural, clean caffeine.

  • Nitro cold brew coffee is cold brew that has been infused with nitrogen gas. Thanks to the addition of tiny bubbles that dissolve into the coffee, the result is a rich, velvety texture, similar to a stout-style beer. Nitro infusion is helping make cold brew a huge hit in the market today. It takes all of the incredible benefits of cold brew and elevates it to the next level. On tap or out of a can, nitro cold brew is the most innovative practice happening in coffee today.

  • Ideal for quick-serve, fast casual and convenience stores, Cold Station Cans feature a signature cold brew coffee packed in sleek cans with nitrogen. Getting an optimal cold brew experience is easy—guests or servers only need to give the can a shake, crack the top and pour for a coffee experience like no other. Four on-trend flavours make it a signature experience: New Orleans Style, Organic Coconut, Organic Mocha and Organic Vanilla.

  • The time involved in creating the perfect flavour execution of cold brew coffee can present an obstacle for restaurants looking to tap into this trend. Station Cold Brew Concentrate is simply a concentrated version of Station Cold Brew, offering both versatility and convenience. It’s approximately 3x as strong as regular cold brew. Applications are endless: use it as the base of a premium iced coffee, smoothie or milkshake, or mix it into a pick-me-up like a chocolate martini or Negroni. Station Cold Brew Concentrate offers ease of execution, providing the rich, preferred flavour of cold brew in a fast pour.

5 Ways to Tap intothe Cold Brew Trend

Brew Images

Start with Station Brew Co. and offer cold brew in
a number of refreshing, energizing and fun beverages.

  • 1 Cold Brew
    cold brew coffee + almond milk + VANILla extract + ice
  • 2 Cold Brew
    Old FashioneD:
    cold brew concentrate + bourbon + crème de cacao + simple syrup + orange bitters
  • 3 Cold Brew
    cold brew coffee + vanilla ice cream + chocolate syrup
  • 4 Cold Brew Daiquiri:
    cold brew concentrate + dark rum + simple syrup + lemon juice
  • 5 Cold Brew
    Americano Spritz:
    cold brew concentrate + orange juice + tonic water
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