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15 Ways with Peanut Butter Sauce

Upgrade your savoury, sweet and beverage menus

The peanut butter brand that Canadians have trusted and loved for more than 50 years1 introduces Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce. Packed with roasted peanuts and no artificial flavours or colours, it’s a protein-rich, plant-based, versatile product that carries built-in recognition with consumers. Used as a base ingredient with signature add-ins, or simply poured, drizzled, mixed or swirled, Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce brings a lot to the table.

The Best of Both Worlds

With the rise of vegan and plant-forward fare, adding menu items that offer a “healthy indulgence” is a smart move. In fact, Mintel reports that 79% of consumers feel good about themselves after consuming a “healthy indulgence.” The data research firm notes that more items that are either vegan or “healthier” are incorporating peanut butter products to convey that positive feeling of healthy, or permissible, indulgence. Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce can help with that by introducing its creamy, rich flavour to any number of dishes, desserts or beverages.
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What’s Your Function?

Peanuts and peanut butter-flavoured food and drinks are growing in popularity as a source of natural plant-based protein2.

peanut butter
Adding Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce to recipes is an easy and delicious way to satisfy consumers looking for protein-rich menu options.

of people perceive foods higher in protein as being healthier3

It packs


of protein per 100ml


are willing to pay extra for foods that are high in protein3

GO SAVOURY: Easy Add-Ins for Global Sauces

Mix Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce with flavours from around the world to transform your dishes.

Thai Peanut Coconut
Spring Roll Sauce

½ cup Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce +
1 cup Diana Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce + ½ cup Coconut Milk

Korean Peanut
BBQ Sauce

½ cup Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce +
1 cup Richardson Korean BBQ Sauce + ½ cup Coconut Milk

Peanut Sauce

½ cup Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce +
1 cup Richardson Szechuan Sauce + ½ cup Coconut Milk

Curry Sauce

½ cup Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce +
1 cup Richardson Butter Chicken Sauce + ½ cup Coconut Milk


Thai Peanut
Satay Sauce

½ cup Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce +
1 cup Diana Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce

kraft pot

GO SWEET: Make Desserts Memorable

Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce introduces nostalgia, familiarity and deliciousness to desserts. Feature it as a topping on desserts and as an ingredient in milkshakes or baked goods.

Here are seven of our favourite combinations:

  • 1.Peanut Butter & Chocolate Milk Shake
  • 2.Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie
  • 3.Peanut Butter Ice Cream Parfait
  • 4.Peanut Butter & Banana Sundae
  • 5.Peanut Butter Cream Pie
  • 6.Peanut Butter Philly Cheesecake
  • 7.Peanut Butter Fountain served with Fresh Fruit

Ride the Coffee Wave

Consumers can’t seem to get enough of specialty coffee drinks. Adding Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce, an indulgent and protein-packed product, takes them over the top. Try these:
coofe pot

Iced Cappuccino with Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce drizzled on top

coofe pot

Affogato with Vanilla Ice Cream, Espresso & Kraft Peanut Butter Sauce

coofe pot

Peanut Butter Bullet Coffee, made with Ethical Bean Lush Coffee + Kraft
Peanut Butter Sauce


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1. Ipsos 2019 2. Mintel 2019 3. Technomic MenuMonitor 2019

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