Supporting our communities during the pandemic

Kraft Heinz Project Pantry is dedicated to helping Canadians when they need it most.

By donating over 1 million meals to Food Banks Canada, Kraft Heinz is taking action to help communities across Canada. In addition, we are extremely proud to support Food Banks Canada in donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help protect the frontline workers and volunteers that continue to serve over 650 food banks across Canada.


We're here to help!


Heinz Ketchup and Hamburgers are one of summer’s most iconic pairs, but this National Burger Day, COVID-19 has taken an enormous hit on local burger joints. Burgers have always been there for Heinz so now Heinz is going to be there for burgers.

We are helping 100 neighbourhood burger joints across the country with a grant to keep their doors open. Head over to @Heinz_CA on Instagram to nominate your favourite local burger joint starting May 28th.
heinz for hamburgers
Take-Out and Single Serve Brochure

Check out our Take-Out Guide and Single Serve Brochure with suggestions and ideas on how to safely provide delicious foods your patrons are craving.

Meal kits Brochure

Meal kits and family sized meals has become a new menu feature for many restaurants and consumers are loving them. With that in mind, we have put together a series of ideas to help in your ongoing creation of this new offering. From Beach parties, to Father’s day to Labour Day celebrations.

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