VELVEETA Cheese Loaf 15kg 1
 VELVEETA Cheese Loaf 15kg 1

VELVEETA Cheese Loaf 15kg 1

Le fromage fondu est lisse, mou et uniforme. Sa couleur et sa saveur dépendent de la variété de fromage utilisé (comme le mozzarella et le cheddar). Il se délie facilement, ce qui donne de bons résultats dans les recettes avec ou sans cuisson.
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Pack Size: 1

Prep: Process cheese is ready to use. It can be used with good results in cooked and uncooked dishes. Slices are used in cold or grilled sandwiches and hamburgers, or cut into narrow strips for salads. Loaves are most often used in a sauce application such as taco topping, snack dip or sandwich spread. Please follow recipe directions carefully to ensure you reach the expected results.

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