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Try our amazing Kraft and Renee’s Aiolis to add bold flavours your consumers are craving! These premade fresh refrigerated and shelf-stable aiolis are a convenient way to add these trending flavours to your dips, burgers or sandwiches. Try all five varieties!

  • Use as a base for gourmet dip recipes
  • Pre-filled portion cups
  • Condiment for burgers and sandwiches

Aioli has tripled its menu presence over the past 10 years 1

Aioli is the second fastest growing condiment on burgers at FSRs +22.2% 2

Renee's Aiolis

  • Source of omega-3 polyunsaturates (1.5 g / 30 ml)
  • Source of omega-6 polyunsaturates (10 g / 30 ml)
  • Made with real chipotle peppers and garlic
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • No preservatives
  • Compositionally Gluten-Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Made with simple ingredients you can find in your grocer’s aisle.
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  • Jalapeno Lime Aioli: Creamy aioli made with jalapeno peppers with a hint of garlic and lime.

  • Chipotle Aioli: Creamy aioli made with chipotle peppers and a hint of garlic ad onion.

  • Lemon Dill Aioli: Creamy aioli made with dill and a hint of lemon and garlic.

  • Roasted Garlic Aioli: Classic aioli made with roasted and chopped garlic.

Kraft Bacon Aioli

For anyone who craves the captivating taste of real bacon with a creamy aioli base.

  • Made with real bacon
  • Shelf stable
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1 Datassential Menu Tends – October 2016
2 Technomic Inc: 2017 Canadian Burger Market Insights
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