Pure Kraft and Renee's Refrigerated Dressings are made with our finest ingredients to give you the homestyle goodness your patrons are looking for, without the hassle of making it from scratch. While both brands are known for their premium quality and great taste, Renée's Gourmet dressings are renowned for their wide variety of flavours, and Pure Kraft for their lack of preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.

Endless Possibilities

Our flavours are not only unique but they deliver on the top three reasons you buy refrigerated dressings: Better quality, better taste and unique flavours.1

Create more menu excitement with delicious and versatile Kraft Heinz Refrigerated Dressings. What do these unique flavours mean to you? More marinades, more dips, more spreads, which really means more satisfied patrons. They work as if they are another ingredient in the recipe; never overwhelming a dish, but complementing the other flavours, while bringing variety and uniqueness to each offering.

Product Information

Bulk Refrigerated Dressings

Size: 3.78 L jug

Bulk Refrigerated Dressings

Over 20 flavours for you to try out on your menu!

Discover something you've yet to try for your menu with our wide range of flavour possibilities! Choose from Caesar, Balsamic, Greek Feta, Buttermilk Ranch and more.

Single Serve Refrigerated Dressings

Sizes: 40mL and 43mL pouches

Single Serve Refrigerated Dressings

Expand their horizons with our unique flavours: Raspberry Poppyseed and Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Did You Know?

1 FSR Operator Survey 2013
2 Direct Link, P/E 52 Weeks September 2015
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    Ranch stands out with its dairy-fresh flavour and background notes of herbs, garlic and buttermilk.

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