Corn Nuts - Bulk and Single serve formats: The Authentic Snack!
Intensley crunchy toasted corn - 100% corn


Made from 100% corn, these snacks add a tasty crunch to your menu. Use the bulk option to add crunch to your own original recipes or to give your customers a salty, flavourful treat. Mix them up to create a shareable snack. Offer them as an individual grab-and-go crunch for your customers to enjoy.

Bulk Share Snack

Product Information

Bulk Versatility or Single Serve Convenience

Corn Nuts Crunchy Toasted Corn Snacks

Pack Size: Bulk: 1 x 25lb

Type bag `n box

Flavours Original, No Salt, Ranch, BBQ, Jalapeño Cheddar, Chile Picante and Nacho

Pack Size: Single Serve: 3 x 18 x 48g

Type pouch

Flavours Original, Ranch, BBQ, Jalapeño Cheddar and Chile Picante

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Easy to Use Bag-in-box format

Ultimate Crunch. Intense Flavours! Intensely crunchy, Corn Nuts Crunchy Toasted Corn are a delicious, and classic snack. You might even want to choose all five sensational flavours for your business— Original, Ranch, BBQ, Chile Picante, and Jalapeño Cheddar are available in single-serve and bulk formats. There is also a No Salt option available in bulk format.

Corn Nuts Try 'em All


The smoky sweet flavour of your favorite downhome barbecue joint now comes in a bag.

Corn Nuts


Its citrusy zing will keep you riveted as you spice up your life with Chile Picante.

Corn Nuts


Bursting with the unmistakable heat of jalapeño.

Corn Nuts


With real corn kernels and real corn flavour, original Corn Nuts is about as authentic as a snack can get.

Corn Nuts


Ranch combines a wickedly zesty twist with the simple, bold flavour and form of corn you already know and love.

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